Winter hiking - Kamniško Sedlo (1904m)

 Kamniško Sedlo zimski vzpon
View at the hut on Kamniško Sedlo and hill Planjava at the back.
This year's winter is not really generous with snow - I am not complaining (quite happy with it). At least we don't have that grayish winter days in Ljubljana and I can cycle every day to work. But on the other hand we haven't gotten any winter feeling yet. So in our search for it we decided to head for a saddle in the middle of Kamniške Alps near our hometown.

Hiking to the saddle is not so difficult even for one without any special physical fitness. And at the same time one can get a really beautiful and open view of other mountains in Kamniške Alps, for example Brana and Planjava. One can also see waterfall Rinka and Logarska Valley on the north and of course glimpse of the south basin in which Ljubljana lies.

We parked our car on parking lot Jermanca (close to Kamnik) and according th the signs we had roughly 3 hours of hiking ahead of us. Despite Katarina's constant stopping for this and that, which always piss me off (I'm sorry but I just can't help it), we managed to shorten the hike to 2 hours :)

 Kamniško Sedlo zimski vzpon
View at mountain  Brana
Hike itself was very diverse, forest path at the beginning and from then on more and more snow. Just before we reached the hut at Kamniško saddle there was around 50 cm of freshly fallen snow - we could barely walk; but it was fun :)

 Kamniško Sedlo zimski vzpon
Upper part is very snowy
 Kamniško Sedlo zimski vzpon
No snow at the start

Hut at the saddle is usually open only in summer months so we sat at one of their outdoor tables, ate our snacks and sunbathed in winter sun. There was a light breeze going through my hair when I was gazing at neighbor summits just asking us to climb them. But without our winter equipment and little more experience in winter hiking that was not an option. Next time for sure - when there is no snow present!

 Kamniško Sedlo zimski vzpon
On the Saddle - Kamniško sedlo (1904m)

Rok Hocevar


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