Falam beach - flamingo beach

What, there are flamingos in Oman?! Let's find them! was my response to Lonely Planet's short note about the fact that a few flamingos live along Omani coast.

Falam beach: shallow water, mangroves and flamingos in the distance
Al Wusta region is very big and covers the central part of Oman. Currently it's not very popular among tourists - our Lonely Planet guide dedicated only 2 pages to it and mentioned only few villages that weren't interesting to us. But we found on the internet, that Omani government is trying really hard to turn it into one of the top touristic destinations. Among many projects Al Wusta Wetland Reserve is the most promising. Located in the Gulf of Masirah, 400km south of Muscat is the starting point to surrounding islands and a place where flamingos can be found.

How many flamingos can you find?
We decided to stop at Falam beach (also spelled as Filim bech), where all the characteristics of a wetland can be seen: shallow sea, mangroves (trees that grow in the sea, salty water), rocky coast, lots of fish and countless flamingos walking around this wetland.

Mangroves, rocky shore and shallow water during low tide
Did you know that the color of flamingo's feathers reflects its diet? The birds which eat many orange or red algae have pink feathers, while others flamingos are white. Those Omani flamingos apparently don't eat colored food, since they were all white.

Elegance of flamingos
Short walk along the beach later and our pockets were full of beautiful seashells, but unfortunately we also found many rubbish on the beach. Not blaming Omanis for them, since ocean can bring all these plastics from far away and deposit it here, but definitely if they want to make this place a touristic spot, they will have to clean it thoroughly. But I guess flamingos are not bothered by the rubbish, they elegantly walk in the shallow waters and focus on catching fish :)

Falam beach with a few fishermen' houses
Rubbish dumped here by the ocean



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