White desert aka Sugar Dunes aka nicest place in Oman

White desert, also known as Sugar Dunes or Al Khaluf Dunes is another natural phenomenon in Oman located near fishing village of Al Khaluf, 400km south of Muscat.

White desert in Oman is also known as Sugar dunes near Al Khaluf village

If you want to go driving on the dunes it is highly advisable to be in a convoy of at least 3 cars - of course because of your own safety: if something happens to one car, the other two can pull it out of the sand or help somehow else. Unfortunately we didn't find anyone to join us on this part of our roadtrip around Oman, so we went alone but also we stuck to the edge dunes and remained close to the main road -  just in case we needed help.

White desert aka Sugar Dunes, Oman
White desert, Oman
White dunes can be seen from far away and are simply amazing - from far and near: white fine sand everywhere, some interesting rock structures sticking out randomly, camels gazing around ... At some point we decided to leave the main road and head towards our camping spot at the beginning of the dunes: 20°33'45''N, 58°01'33''E. This place is easy to reach and does not require 4x4, but offers great location for setting a tent and spending a night in the desert.

Access to the dunes - no 4x4 required for this
Dunes are covering some interesting rocks
Our home for one night
We didn't spent 5 minutes there, when two Bedouins came and by using "broken" English invited us for a coffee. We didn't think twice but accepted the invitation right away. Soon we were speeding after them to their camp, about 2km away. There they had their camels and some friends, one of whom spoke some better English, so we were able to ask some questions and get to know their way of life: they don't live nomadic life anymore, instead they have houses in nearby village of Al Khaluf, while their camels are situated here in White desert. Those camels are free, they walk around during the day, but always come back in the evening - they know, where they will get food ;) Only baby camels stay in the paddock throughout the day in order not to get lost. Bedouins earn money with selling camel meat, rarely their milk, but mostly with selling young camels on the local markets.

Free camels and their paddocks in the background
Fun fact: running camels are very dangerous! Their back legs are moving uncontrollably and it's not vise to be close to them or you will get some very strong kicks :)

While waiting for coffee Bedouins offered us camel milk. To  be honest, we are not milk lovers, but hey, when is the next time that we will be able to try it?! So we accepted it and tasted it. And how is it like? Nothing that special, a bit saltier than "normal" cow milk, but the taste itself is not as strong, to me it was like very salty water. We were also told that we shouldn't drink too much of it, since it can mess up our digestion. But don't worry we didn't drink that much of camel milk to have to worry about it :) Just a few sips to check "drinking camel milk" of our bucket lists.

Camel milk for Katarina and a baby camel in the background
A bit before sunset we returned to our camp and enjoyed one of the most magical evenings on the trip: thousands of starts, silence and white desert all around us.

Night in the desert
If you don't believe us by know, that White desert is truly beautiful, check the photos below ;)

Working morning in the desert



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