Keveen from Sri Lanka

We got a lot of couchsurfing requests for Easter holidays, but we declined them all. We wanted to celebrate Easter peacefully, without visitors. And there's always so much to do around holidays: visit all the relatives, bake traditional cakes, paint the Easter eggs, clean around the house ... anyways, one day we got another request from a guy called Keveen and he was asking to stay with us for only one night on Easter. Well, that sounded OK for us. By Sunday evening all the celebrations are already behind us and so are all the visits to the relatives.

So, Keveen from Sri Lanka, current student of medical school in Prague, Czech Republic, came to our place on Sunday evening and we were happy to share some Easter food with him.

BEST OF HIS STAY: Keveen knows a lot, really a lot! He told us so many facts, information that it felt like he read the whole encyclopedia! He knew many things about his home country, Sri Lanka, about the economy, tourism, religions, customs ... Then he surprised with detailed questions about biomedical science. Normally I have problems explaining my PhD topic to other people, but Keveen was asking serious questions, about cell lines that I use. Further he went on with telling us about Czech Republic, about its history, politics, literature ... he even speaks a bit of Czech!
I started feeling stupid and promised myself to read more :) Finally he told us that he is also a fan of Big Bang Theory sitcom and we watched an episode together. Good, at least here we were on the same level :)



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