Like in a fairy tale - Luxembourg

Weekend trip from Stuttgart, Germany to a small, but very rich country of Luxembourg. Rok is doing his 2-month internship in Stuttgart and while visiting him, we decided to check this interesting neighboring country. We rented a car and drove from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe and Trier, two German cities and then finally crossed the border into new country. Our car rental contract had limited mileage - only 900km, so we had to be careful, where we were driving. Many times we left the highway and drive through countryside just to save a kilometer or two :)
Map of our Luxembourg trip
Our first stop in Luxembourg was Vianden Castle - the one that looks just like in a fairy tale - I could easily image Snow White or Sleeping Beauty walking through the door. Slim towers in Gothic style, high walls, location on the steep hill ... it felt like the time has stopped here in the Middle Ages. Well, back to reality, the castle was recently renovated, so that's the reason why it looks so good.

Vianden Castle
Next we visited another castle in the Esch sur Süre village. Well, this one is more of a ruin than a real castle. Only one tower and some parts of the walls remain standing, the rest has been demolished. Since it wasn't that impressive and also the weather was quite dull, we didn't spend much time there.

Further we drove to the capital city and we had the chance to see some landscape. It came like a shock to me that Luxembourg has many farms and many fields. I never imagined this small country as an agricultural or horticultural superpower. And wow, what a machinery: only the best, the shiniest tractors and cars! Well, it has to be seen somewhere that Luxembourg has highest GDP in Europe. And the country isn't that small after all. I mean, there are only a few cities, but they also have a lot of meadows, forests with blooming trees in early spring ... the views were just amazing.

Blossoming trees in Luxembourg
Another fun fact about Luxembourg: they have their own language! A nation of about 500 thousand people speak Luxembourgish, which is a mixture of German and French. And all those three languages are also official languages of the country.

The capital city is called Luxembourg, just like the country itself and it's also just like in a fairy tale! The old city center is full of Gothic towers, steep roofs, enclosed with ancient walls ... it reminded us of some Disney cartoons :)
Town hall
We walked around the Corniche, which is a natural balcony, where the first settlement, first fortes was build. And from there you have a very nice view over the lower part of the city, which has formed along the river Alzette and is called the Ground.
View from the Corniche over the river Alzette
Spring is in town! Everything was blossoming
On our way back to the car we passed by a confectionery. The sweets were so nicely presented and decorated that we couldn't resist, but entered the shop right away. We noticed macarons, very well known and also very expensive biscuits. But still, they looked so delicious that we had to buy some. The price was 3€ per item, so we took only two - just to taste. We went back to the river, found a nice bench to sit on and tried our macarons. OMG, they were incredibly delicious! They melted in our mouth, so sweet and so tender, and the tastes ... how they blended into a perfect harmony ... Too bad that the macarons were so small.
Unfortunately we didn't remember the name of the confectionery, but if anyone happens to be in Luxembourg and finds it, please let us know :)

Amazing macarons!



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