Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand - overview of the trip

Trip to Southeast Asia was for our honeymoon, so we may have spent a bit more money than we usually do. Sometimes we treated ourselves with special things and we traveled slowly. Our main goal was to see the Angkor temples in Cambodia and of course to rest for a few days on a nice beach in Thailand. Everything else that we saw and experienced was just a bonus :)

Map of our Southeast Asia trip
1st day:
Departure! From Ljubljana to Vienna airport we took Beserovac shuttle for 30€ per person. Then we flew via Düsseldorf and Abu Dhabi to Ho Chi Minh City with Etihad Airways. We payed 480€ per person for the return ticket Vienna - Ho Chi Minh City - Munich.

2nd day:
Up in the air, flying to Vietnam. Arrival late in the evening. We found our hotel, ate our dinner and fell asleep immediately! :)
Accommodation: Blue River Hotel, price was 22€ for a double room with breakfast.

3rd day:
We walked around the city of Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City) and visited the main sights. In the evening we flew to Bangkok (Air Asia, 45€ per person). Then we took the night bus to city Trat (7€ per person).
Accommodation: on a bus

4th day:
Arrival to the Koh Chang island. Time for rest, swimming and sleeping. 
Some of the expenses: taxi from bus station Trat to the port 2€ pp, ferry 3€ pp, taxi from the port to our hotel 3€ pp.
Accommodation: Panviman Koh Chang Resort, 90€ per night for a double room with breakfast.

Potapljaški selfie v tajskem morju
5th day:
Beach time, walk through the village of Klong Prao, visit of the elephant camp and local market.
Accommodation: Panviman Koh Chang Resort

6th day:
Snorkeling trip to the neighboring islands in the Koh Chang archipelago. Price was 20€ pp
Accommodation: Panviman Koh Chang Resort

7th day
Still on Koh Chang island. We enjoyed some more beach time, walked to the mangrove forest and spoiled ourselves with Thai massages.
Accommodation: Panviman Koh Chang Resort

8th day:
Long ride to Cambodia. We took a minibus to the bordering village, crossed the border on foot and then took a taxi from there to Siem Reap city. Prices per person: 10€ (minibus) + 8€ (taxi)
Accommodation: Dyna Boutique Hotel, 16€ per night for a double room with breakfast.

9th day:
Took a tuk-tuk to drive us around the Angkor temples. Entrance fee: 40$ (31€) for 3-day ticket, tuk-tuk driver: 14$ (11€)
Accommodation: Dyna Boutique Hotel

Ancient temples of Angkor, Cambodia
10th day:
This day we rented a tandem bike (7€ for full day rent) and rode on our own around Angkor temples. We did some souvenir and postcards shopping and then took a minibus to Phnom Penh. Ticket price: 12€
Accommodation: Me Mates Place, 10€ for a twin room (no breakfast)

11th day:
We were in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. It was also the time of the Water festival, so we attended some of the rowing races, we visited a few pagodas and infamous Tuol Sleng - former high school, converted into prisons during the Red Khmer regime.
Accommodation: Me Mates Place

12th day:
Took an early morning bus (ticket 12€ pp) to Vietnam, more precisely to the city in Mekong delta, Can Tho. After arrival we walked along the river and booked a tour to the floating market next day. As white people we attracted a lot of attention and we were being told all the time, how beautiful we looked :)
Accommodation: Nam Mon hotel, 15€ for a double room.

Plavajoča tržnica Cai Rang, Vietnam
13th day:
Visited Cai Rang floating market in the early morning (12€ for 3-hour tour). At noon we took the bus back to Ho Chi Minh City (9€ pp), ate our last pho soup there and flew back home in the evening.
Accommodation: partially on the plane, partially at the Abu Dhabi airport

14th day:
We landed in Munich safely, then took the IC-bus to Ljubljana (29€ pp)

Sončni vzhod v Abu Dhabi-ju
Costs of this trip per person
All flight tickets: 525€
Ground transportation (and a ferry): 67€
Visas: 100€
Accommodations: 225€
Entrance fees: 84€
Food: 51€



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