Best of Malta

For conclusion I would like to write a few words about the things we liked about Malta the most and the reasons why we would travel there again sometimes...

Katarina's typical posing :) Dingli Cliffs
Malta is a small and "cute" country. It is neither too big nor too small. It has enjoyable weather (in our experience :) ), diverse nature and characteristic cities! Words to describe ambient would be: positive and relaxed.

Besides the stunningly high cliffs and the charming Azure window on island Gozo we really liked their housing. In a building one can spot traces of both worlds, Italian and Arabic. All of the houses have horizontal roof topped with solar cells, their entrance is always marked with flowers, statues or an image of the house patron. Their balconies are mostly covered in combination of glass and wood and are the main attribute of the street facade.

House patron instead of house number 
Balconies covered in glass.

Marked entrances, Gozo

Statues in front of the house entrance, Gozo

We really did not enjoy their beaches . That being said it might have something to do with us not being there in high season and we did not spend much time at the beaches. We did experience it just enough to see workers covering their original seaside rocks with sand and then trample on it as preparation for summer season. It looked like our city Portorož ... too artificial.

Biggest sand beach on Malta: Mellieha Beach
However, Maltese people do have excellent food. The most famous are their pastizzi, this is a kind of pastry pocket traditionally filled with cottage cheese or peas paste. We would definitely recommend buying them at local bakery named Crystal Palace in Rabat on Malta. We have been told that if locals want to buy them, that is the place they go. They are delicious and at a price of 0.3€ per piece very cheap!

As this is Mediteranean country they also eat sea food on a daily basis. Their specialty is fish Lampuki. which would directly translate into "dolphin fish" - a fish known to be spawning along coast of Malta. During the time of our visit we also had a opportunity to try fresh cactus fruit (Prickly pear cactus), pomegranate and oranges, freshly gathered from a tree.

Pastizzi from Crystal Palace bakery
Rok found a pomegranate!
Our short trip to Malta was an excellent escape from cold Slovenian winter (we had around 0°C constantly) into warmer climate. We were excited about the fruitfulness of this small country and surprised to have found so many churches on the island - they are practically everywhere :)

Rok Hocevar


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