BEST of our Southern Africa trip

After such a wonderful trip, full of adventure it is hard to choose the best thing, because we believe that choosing is unfair to others. Anyway, we tried to find the best moments out of all and trust us it was not easy.


In Botsana we actually visited only one park, Kgalagadi Transfrotier Park, which was amazing. Even in comparison to other parks in South African Republic and Swaziland, we found Kgalagadi the most likable. Why? Because it is big and spacious, because out of all the parks we visited, this one was the most natural and the least touristic. We often felt as if we were alone with the nature and the wild animals.

Katarina: my favorite were the giraffes! They are wonderful, huge animals, which elegantly cross the road in front of our car, in the meantime two baby giraffes started a fight, on the other side of the road the mom is waiting for them, a little bit further away giraffes are eating leaves from the top of the tree, on the top of the hill in the light of the setting sun we can only see the silhouettes of the giraffes...Crazy and unforgettable!

Rok: meeting a hyena from face to face, only a couple centimeters away (with a fence in between, but anyway!). When I crochet to be on her level, just then I noticed that it has a huge head and a very strong jaw...we stared at each other for a couple of moments and I felt afraid as ever! Awesome!

Giraffes blocking the road, Kgalagadi park
Silhouettes of giraffes on the dunes
South Africa

We spent most of our time traveling trough SAR, therefore we have the most stories to tell about it and consequently this was the hardest one to pick out amongst them.

Katarina: Cape Town - being in the city, that we were told about in school, at geography classes, about which I have heard the most and saw so many photos of. Seeing the Table mountain with my own eyes and admiring  the mountain and the city - both at the same time - from the view point Signal Hill ... I can only say "WOW"!
After the sunset ... Cape Town and Table Mountain
Rok: Cape of Good Hope is like a meeting point of the oceans and land, really something very special. The incredible views, steep cliffs, strong winds, roaring weaves and nice beaches only add to the beauty of the place.

Rok at the end of the world :)

Katarina: The entire experience of visiting Lesotho was something entirely different. Mostly bad, macadam roads, amazing views of the mountains all around, happy and smiley people everywhere...and it seeing how modestly this people live, listening to their music...only good experience.
Lesotho rides are greeting us, Khabos viillage, Lesotho

Rok: the waterfall Malestunyane is the highest waterfall in south Africa with its 192 meters . Commanding perhaps, but very narrow waterfall on the same named river is falling over basaltic rocks deeply into the pool, in which allegedly you can even swim. Sadly we did not manage to do that, still the waterfall is the top event in Lesotho.

Maletsunyane waterfall, Lesotho

Katarina: When in Park Hlane, I finally saw a scorpion, that was shinning under an UV light. On one hand, this is a very ugly animal and very concretely dangerous (smaller the nipper, more poisonous the animal!), on the other hand it is my horoscope sign and I was excited to see a live example of it :) Especially it is fascinating, how they shine. With normal white light, you would not even notice the scorpion, but under the UV light he shines like an ornament on a Christmas tree.

Rok: Swaziland lunch in restaurant eDlandleni. Best food, that we have eaten on the entire trip: softly cook and tasty beef, roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon, which tasted like chestnuts, and to top it all mango juice.

Scorpion looked like this, when we first saw it! Source:
After all the screaming the scorpion hid, but we still managed to take a photo of it's pincers
Also Janja and Tomaž, our co-travelers, were excited about this trip;  Tomaž claims he mostly enjoyed the safari experience, Janja preferred park Malolotja in Swazi.

Malolotja park at sunset was breathtaking
We are again seeing how beautiful the world is and how worthy it is to see it, since that is the only way to break the stereotypes about certain countries. For example in South Africa we constantly hear about high rate of crimes, but as a tourist you are not in danger. The locals of course shared stories about atrocities happening, but never in the touristic parts of cities - during our trip we did not encounter any danger! At the same time the experience from traveling makes us cherish are homeland that much more and the beauty of Slovenia, where you can walk trough Ljubljana in the middle of the night and nobody will rob you, or you can walk trough our forests and mountains without worry of getting ambushed by a starving lion or a overly protective hippo, also you will not find a poisonous snake under every rock nor any other dangerous animals.

It is nice to see the world, but it is also nice to return back home.



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  1. Great pics. South Africa is on my travel wish list.