We love Oman!

Oman is a country on the Arabian peninsula, where Islam is a state religion. Therefore, many people worried about us, when we told them where we are heading next. What we know (from the media) about Arabian countries is that they are very strict with their laws and one should be very careful, how she/he behaves there.

But let us tell you something: Oman is not so conservative and not strict and most of all there is no terrorist thread! Just contrary! Oman is also known as Arabian Switzerland, they are very open for all cultures and religions. The sultan of Oman is trying to avoid all conflicts and cares a lot for good relations with other countries.

Best of Oman: Baklha foretress, climbing, Al Khaluf white dunes, Wahiba, Daymianiat islands
Oman is a country full of fortress. On the photo: Baklha fortress in Al Hajar mountains.

Reasons for our love to Oman:

As mentioned in the introduction: Oman has a lot of immigrants (mostly from India and some from western countries) and therefore is very tolerant to other cultures and religions. As the result it is not that weird if you walk dressed as a westerner around Muscat or any other city.

There is no poverty in Oman! Well, you will see people living in simple, humble houses, especially in the mountain villages, while others drive fancy cars around Muscat. But none of them is really suffering from poverty. And low crime rate can be associated with that, as well as safety  for tourists. You are not seen as a walking bag of money there, contrary, locals in Oman are mostly happy to see a tourist and they love to chat - if the language permits. So, these warm and friendly people and no worries about our safety made the whole trip really pleasant.

Best of Oman: Baklha foretress, climbing, Al Khaluf white dunes, Wahiba, Daymaniat islands
Very friendly people are key to a nice trip. On the left is our friend Ali, who explain many Omani traditions to us.
Another thing that contributed to our love to Oman was the way of traveling around: we rented a 4x4 and explored many remote areas, wild-camped in deserts and mountains and still didn't spent that much money. We love nature and this trip was just perfect for us, since we spent most of our time exploring different landscapes.

Best of Oman: Baklha foretress, climbing, Al Khaluf white dunes, Wahiba, Daymaniat islands, wild camping
Wild camping is the best! This is our tent in the White desert
And here are our top moments from Oman:

It's hard to choose just one thing after such an amazing trip. Something I will always remember was my first encounter with sea turtle. We were on a snorkeling trip around Daymaniat Islands, sitting ont he boat and eating our lunch when a curious sea turtle popped her head out of the water just next to our boat! And it stayed there for like 5 minutes, observing us and allowing us to take photos!
Second best thing was camping in the white desert near Al Khaluf town. Amazing landscape, white sand, friendly Bedouin people, camels, silence and thousands of stars.
Best of Oman: sea turtle, Daymianiat islands, snorkeling
Our first sea turtle!

Also mine favorite thing from the whole trip was that sea turtle sighting. And my second best thing was climbing near Hadash village: perfect rock, great conditions, nice views and friendly local Mohamed, who kept us company and then showed us his garden.

Best of Oman: Hadash climbing
Rok in the rocks near Hadash



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