Koh Chang Island - Thailand

Koh Chang is the second biggest Thai island and is located east from Bangkok and relatively close to Cambodian border. It belongs to the same-named archipelago and natural park. Tourism in this part of Thailand is still developing. About 10 years ago those islands were practically uninhabited, without drinking water, electricity and sewage system. Only a few fishermen lived there. Nowadays the situation is quite different. Island has all the necessary infrastructure, roads are being built, hotels, bungalows, resorts are booming as well as bars and restaurants. We've heard rumors that even a Russian orthodox church is being build due to high number of Russian tourists. However, Koh Chang island is not as touristy as e.g. Phuket

Klog Prao beach on Koh Chang after an afternoon shower
Room for honeymooners :)
Beaches are beautiful on on the western part of the island. The other side, eastern is mostly overgrown with mangroves and beaches are unaccessible. On the western side there are 6 areas, beaches and every one has its own characteristics. Among the backpackers Lonely beach is the most attractive one, Russian tourists sort of occupied White Sand Beach. Then there are two more peaceful beaches with less nightlife: Kai Bae and Klog Prao. You can guess, what we've chosen for our honeymoon ... Klong Prao Beach, of course. We wanted something relaxing and beautiful. And Klong Prao beach offers all of these. So here we treated ourselves with real honeymoon, so we've booked probably the most expensive resort on the whole island, Panviman Resort Klon Prao. And it was wonderful. Rok's favorite thing was self-service breakfast, while I (Katarina) preferred white sand and clear blue sea.

There were also flash lights on the beach, so the water was illuminated during the night, which made the whole beach even more charming.
My birthday is in November, when it's normally foggy in Slovenia. So my longtime wish was to celebrate my birthday some place warm. And this time my wish finally came true. On my 25th birthday I swam in turquoise and warm Thai sea. Awesome!

Mangroves on the beach
Beautiful sunsets on the beach of our hotel, Koh Chang, Thailand



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