Our honeymoon - Vietnam + Cambodia + Thailad

1   How on Earth have we decided for this non typical destination?

Of course we are not typical honeymooners who would sunbathe on the beach all the time. We wanted to use the opportunity of our honeymoon for something more, for experience of a lifetime. At first I wanted to go to Costa Rica, but then we realized: in the time of our honeymoon they have a rainy season there. So we started to look for another destination.

We took a pen and a paper and started writing destinations that seemed interesting, were financially available for us and had nice, warm weather at the beginning of November. Among other places, temples of Angkor in Cambodia were also on the list. We then just waited for some cheap flight tickets to one of the destinations on the list. Already in April, half a year before our wedding we found relatively cheap tickets to Vietnam. Well, Vietnam is a neighboring country of Cambodia, so we didn't hesitate much, but bought the tickets: Vienna - Ho Chi - Minh City - Munich right away. And this is how we chose our honeymoon destination: Vietnam and Cambodia

Byron temple in Cambodia
You are probably wondering: what about Thailand, which is also mentioned in the title of this post. Well, besides visiting the temples we also wanted to have some beach time. No matter how we planned our trip, we couldn't fit in the beaches and the temples. And then one day, I googled (just for fun) Thai islands near Cambodia. And what I found? Nice beautiful island Koh Chang with white sand beaches, calm sea, corals ... The decision for beach time in Thailand was not hard to be made :)

Tropical island of  Koh Chang



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