About us

We are Rok and Katarina, a married couple from Slovenia, Europe. Rok is an architect and Katarina is PhD student of biosciences. As a personalities we are quite different. Rok is very good at handcrafts and has many ideas for DIY projects and for decorating and organizing our home - one thing that we are most proud of is our world map on the wall in the living room. Katarina mostly has ideas, where we should travel, she searches for cheap flight tickets and then buys them.
Besides traveling we like mounties, hiking, climbing, opera, tasty food - we like to try different food around the world and then we prepare it at home. Katarina is also a stamp collector, while Rok is a photographer for our blog and for his profession (architecture and photography go hand in hand)

Katarina mostly writes the posts for this blog and Rok takes care of graphical design and photos.
We are not native English speakers, so please forgive us some mistakes :) And we will be happy to hear your suggestions how to improve or correct it.

We just love exploring the world. Ukraine, 2015



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