Beth from USA

After a long break, we started hosting couchsrufers in our home once again. First guest was Bethany or shortened Beth from the USA

Beth is form Oklohoma, state just north of Texas, but (unfortunately) she didn't have that typical southern accent. After finishing her highschool she worked and saved money for a few years and now she is traveling the world. First she visited India, then Italy and Slovenia was her 3rd country after leaving the states!

BEST of her stay: Beth took a month-long yoga class in India and then came to Europe. As she said, the cultural shock was tougher when she came back to the first world, to Italy, than it was at the beginning, coming to India. In our opinion she wasn't really over the cultural difference and it was funny how she kept bowing to us and saying "Namaste" :) Like she was taught in India :) But we had really nice time together, had many talks about all the possible topics, so it was a couchsurfer that gave us a lot to think about.



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