Courtney and Josef from Scotland

Courtney and Josef were very nice guests - some of the best, I could say - with whom we get along really well. One could say that we "clicked" well :) Originally the couple is from the USA (California), but they moved to Scotland to study a few years ago. The reason for visiting Slovenia: Josef's grandma was a Slovenian and they wanted to see the land of Josef's ancestors.

After they did all the sightseeing in Ljubljana, heard all possible legends and stories about our culture and history from Katarina (actually, Katarina even told them bed-time story about Ljubljana dragon), we went hiking together. Although it was extremely cold and windy outside (-15°C and 50km/h wind) we ascended Mrežce (1965m), a mountain with best view of Triglav and other mountains in Julian Alps. And they were blown away by the beauty of it.

BEST of their stay: At the peak of Mrežce Josef said: "You guys are really lucky to be living in Slovenia and having those beautiful mountains so close to you." Oooo, thank you! :)



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