Jokulsarlon - a must see in Iceland.

Every visitor to Iceland should see Jokulsarlon lagoon. Period. You simply can't miss something so stunning. Trust us ;)

Jokulsarlon is actually a glacier lake, formed by melted glacier water from Vatnajokull. So why is it called lagoon? Because it is connected to the ocean. The lake is really close to the beach and the water level in it is rising every year. So by now, the water from the lake formed a narrow passage into the Atlantic ocean. And that makes it a lagoon.
Narrow passage between the lake and the ocean. PS: no filter, no PhotoShop!
Best part of Jokulsarlon are huge pieces of ice floating around - we called them mini ice bergs. These are actually parts of the glacier that got broken off and are now floating on the lake, slowly making their way to the ocean. And there the currents and strong waves await for them, polish them and bring them back to the shore. On the black sand beach near the lagoon you can see thousands of ice pieces in all sizes and shapes ... and they gave the name to this beach: Crystal Beach.
Crystal Beach
But it wasn't always like that. When first settlers came to Iceland (more1000 years ago) Vatnajokull glacier was about 20km more inland. Soon a mini ice age came and glacier grew and reached the Atlantic coast. In the beginning of 20th century things started changing, global warming took its tool and the glacier started melting and forming a glacier lake. This very lake is now caller Jokulsarlon and it's growing daily due to glacier shrinking. The connection between the lake and the ocean was formed even more recently - only 60 years ago! So to put things together: the glacier is shrinking and melting and the water, together with seawater, is filling the glacier valley and all this events are leading to formation of a new fjord in Iceland: Isn't that phenomenal!? :)

Crampons on and off we went climbing on the icebergs :)

Enough said, photos below should convince you that this place really is special - also in dull, grey weather.

To understand how big the ice pieces are: can you spot Katarina on the photo? Now compare her height with the icebergs!
Crystal Beach in rainy weather
Glacier lake full of ice




  1. Wahou what a place! You convinced me !!

  2. How beautiful! This post makes me excited about traveling there this summer :-).