Seljalandsfoss waterfall and geothermal pool Seljavallalaug

Two of the hardest Icelandic word to pronounce were Seljalandsfoss and Seljavaldaluig. After many attempts we gave up and communicated like: "You know that S-foss waterfall or that S-something pool." :)
But despite the fact that the names are unpronounceable these two attractions are one of the finest in Iceland.

Seljandsfoss waterfall
We left Reykjavik and started driving the north part of Route 1 towards Vik. Landscape changed from snowy white to brownish-green (dry grasses and moss) slopes of black mountains with waterfalls emergince more and more often. One of the nicest of them all was a 60m high Seljnadsfoss. The most special thing about it is the amount of water falling over the high cliff, but then also the possibility of going behind the waterfall, and ... there are 3 bonus waterfalls in the vicinity!
So, Seljalandsfoss is just the first and most visited waterfall. If you follow the path away from the parking you will see first two smaller waterfalls - not that special and then finnaly the best of them all - 40m high Gljufrabui waterfall. First of all: it's not easy to reach. You need good waterproof hiking shoes and then you also need some skills to get through a narrow gap between two hudge rocks. You can either step in the water and continue straight through the gap, or you can try jumping from one rock to another - good luck with that! :D But it's definitely worh the effort. On the other side we face truly amazing waterfall, falling down right in front of us, drizzle everywhere, so we were wet immediately :) Due to a bit more difficult acces this waterfall is a lot ledd crowded than neighbouring Seljalandsfoss, meaning that we managed to have it for ourselves and to truly enjoy the nature and all the elements there.
Powerful Seljdandsfoss
Just look at the amount of the water falling here!
Glufrabui waterfall and Katarina enjoying the drizzle
About 25km further in direction towards Vik, we strongly suggest you to take the exit towards road 242 (on your left) and drive to the end of the road (around 3km). There park the car, take you swimsuits and a towel with you and walk for another 5 minutes to another Icelandic jewel - geothermal pool Seljavallalaug!
The pool and changing rooms in the back
This rather big pool (25m long and 10m wide) was built already in 1923 for swimming school for local people. The location is also quite stunning: beneath the mountains, right next to a huge rock and filled with geothermal water from nearby spring.
Comparing to hot springs in Reykjadalur, this pool has an actual changing room - with four walls and a roof, but no heating inside, so it is still insanely cold when changing! But anyways, the cold you will forget soon, but the feeling of swimming in hot water under snowy mountains will remain as a nice memory.
Mountains around Seljavallalaug pool



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