Ana Luiza from Brazil

Why do we always host girls, you may ask. I don't know. Mostly girls write to us. And may there is something to the fact that Katarina filled out our profile on Couchsurfing and it's kind of girly :) So I guess that's the reason we attract your female travelers.

Brazilian Ana Luiza was our guest for the past two days. She just finished her exchange in the Netherlands and now she has one month to travel the Europe before she goes back to her home-country of Brazil.

BEST of her stay: Well, this might not be the best moment, but it was definitely a funny moment. On the evening of Ana's arrival I waited for her in the city center and then we walked together back to our place. It just got dark when we started walking. Nothing special for me, but Ana was a bit unsure about the whole situation.
We started walking first on the main street, that we turned into a narrower and darker street - my typical shortcut. At the end of this street is a small park with children's playground. I was just saying to Ana: "Don't worry, this is no weird or dangerous place, it's normal, quiet residential area. See, there is even a playground." And it that moment a mouse crossed our way. A mouse!!! I've been living my whole life in Ljubljana and I've never seen a mouse, but then when I have a bit scared international guest a big brown mouse decides to show up. I told a few jokes to make the weird situation less comfortable and we continued our walk. Back to the main street and then again into a bit darker street - the street where our house it. At the same time we said something completely different. I was like: "This is it, we are in our street!" and Ana: "Are you sure it is safe to walk here in the dark?" :)
Of course it is safe to walk around Ljubljana at anytime - I have never encountered anything dangerous no matter the time of the day. Although it is sad that my city doesn't give that safe feeling to travelers as well.



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