The coolest beach in Iceland - Reynisfjara

Reynisfjara beach also know as Black Sand Beach on the southern coast of Iceland is simply stunning. It's hard to tell why, what makes it so special ... When we arrived, we were like "Wow!", we stayed there and looked and enjoyed every second of it. It's black, it's wild, it's breathtaking ... But don't get me wrong, it's nothing like some tropical paradise. About 10-20°C more, a bit sunnier and less windy and it would be perfect :) And beware of the waves! Everyone says it for a reason and we stress it too: beware of the waves!

Black Sand Beach Reynisfjara
A few things that make this beach so special:
  • black sand (of course!)
  • black hexagonal basalt cliff
Huge hexagonal columns
  • cave on the beach. This is about 20m long cave made entirely of basalt hexagonal columns - incredible and breathtaking!
Breathtaking cave made of hexagonal basalt colums (and Katarina, who can't stand still for a photo :))
  • two black sea stacks called Reynisdrangar. According to Icelandic legend those used to be two trolls who were trying to pull a ship ashore, but got caught by first morning sun and petrified.
Rok in okamenela trola v ozadju
  • natural arch Dyrholaey other side of the beach
  • myriads of birds (in summer you can spot some puffins there, in winter we only saw seagulls, many of them!)
All the beautiful things aside, this beach has a dark side ... just a month before our visit a German tourist drowned there! She was taking pictures and was grabbed by waves from the coast. So, beware! This is a place where you should not test the icy water and its strong currents. For jumping into the sea you can come to our Mediterranean :)

View from the cave towards the wild sea



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