Our winter Iceland packing list

Packing is never an easy task, especially when you are allowed to take only small luggage with you. In our case - we payed only for one checked luggage and this meant that we have to pack really rationally.

So here is the list of the things we packed in one backpack:
  •  Food!
We knew that Iceland is very expensive country and one of the ways how to save while traveling there is to bring some food and do self catering. We took:

- 1kg spaghetti
- 1kg buckwheat porridge
- 250g wheat porridge
- 3 cans of beans, 3 cans of corn, a can of chickpeas and two cans of tomato sause
- 6 cans of tuna
- 1 pack of dried soy
- a pack of sausages (for Rok:))
- a bit of salt, oil, spices and some sugar
- 8 dried soup
- 5 filter bags of tea
- 3 chocolate bars
- 2 packs of dried figs and a pack of dried mango
- 4sandwiches for the first day
- grandma's croissants
- 4 fried steaks by grandma
- 10 small Nutellas
- 10 fruit bars
- 2 thermo flasks and tableware

  • Winter equipment
Although Iceland is far north winters there are not as cold as you might imagine. Average temperature is "only" around 0°C, but the real problem is wind. So warm clothes and ice equipment went into our backpack:
- crampons
- hiking boots
- gaiters
- water- and windproof hiking pants
- warm skiing jacket
- hat, gloves, scarfs
- thermo-underwear
- warm fleece pullover
- warm socks
- body-, hand- and feet-warmers
- swimsuits (Ok, this might not be a real winter equipment, but in Iceland you can swim in geothermal pools all year long)

  • Medicines and cosmetics
So far we have always been lucky enough not to catch any diseases while traveling. But still, just in case we always carry some pills.
- Vitamin C pills as prevention
- painkillers and a spray for a nose (Olynth) in case of some colds
- different pills for stomach problems: like acid regulators, medicinal carbon, probiotics ...
- pills for sore throat
- antihistamines in case of allergies
- wound lotion and another general skin lotion
- Labello
- plasters, bandages and disinfectant
- ear plugs and eye masks - for sleeping on the plane and in hostels
- toilet paper and wet wipes
- personal hygiene stuff

  • Other
A few things that we always take with us
- raincoat
- sleeping bag
- small pillow
- Swiss army knife
- torch
- and of course - some clothes! A pair of jeans and 3 shirts plus underwear.

  •  Electronics
In order to keep this blog up to date we need more and more electronics:
- DSLR camera with two different lenses
- compact camera
-one small and one big tripod
- GoPro camera and selfiestick
- laptop
- powerbank
- and all the chargers and adapters, converters, cables ... to connect the above mentioned devices

  • Documents
Is it really necesary to list all these stuff? :) All the important and fragile things we put in carry-on, which much be a very small item if you travel with WizzAir
- passport
- health insurance
- drivers license
- Press and Hostel Internationl cars (to get some discounts)
- copies of all the documents and reservations
- Iceland guidebook (Insight guide)
- road map Marco Polo Iceland

All of those thins we packed in one big backpack - Deuter 75+10L and wrapped it in a stuff sack Ferrino 130L. Besides that we also had small carry-on backpacks - Katarina had her Dakine 30L and Rok his photo-backpack LoewePro Photo Sport 300.

That's it! We are ready for new adventure! :) Iceland, here we come!



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