Sara from South Korea

Asian people often make up a new, western name, when they go to Europe or America. The reason for this is simple: they are fed up with us trying to pronunce their names and never getting it right.

But our latest guest, Sara, was lucky - her parents gave her a name, that is understood also in the western world. Otherwise Sara is a Korean girl doing her one-year study abroad program in Venice. She is a student of psychology and management and she just finnished her last exam for this semester one day before coming to Slovenia - her 3rd visited country!

BEST OF HER STAY: Sara asked me in advance if it is ok to cook us Korean dinner. Sure, we were excited, but I warned her that I can't eat very spicy food. So she promised to prepare one spicy dish and one less spicy. 
When the dinner was ready I tried the less spicy noodles and they were good, very tasty and still spicy, but bearable spicy. Rok of course served himself with the spicy noodles, as well did Sara. After a few seconds Rok's face was deep red, tears running down his cheeks and he was sweating as if he was in sauna. Obviously it was too spicy for him 😂 What about Sara, you wonder? Nothing, she ate it like it's Nutella or something. She said that this kind of spicy was normal for her.



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