Tiffany and Guillaume from France

After a longer break we started hosting couchsurfers again and this time our guests were Tiffany and Guillerme from France.

Tiffany was born in Madagascar, while Guillerme in France, but both of them grew up in the suburbs of Paris. They are both also linguists, Tiffany studied English and Guillerme French. And another specialty of their: they can make delicious salad!

BEST OF THEIR STAY: Walking from the city center to our place is always an interesting thing and with Tiffany and Guillaume it was no different. That day was cloudy and rather cold for June and none of us had an umbrella or a raincoat. I was just hoping that we will be home before the rain starts. But already after a few steps it started raining. Quickly we went into a store to buy some groceries and wait till the rain stops. When we got out it was raining even more, so we had no choice but to walk back home in the rain. Soon my shoes were filled with water and my hair was soaking wet. Some time along the way I said: "Do you know Murphy's laws? When something can go wrong, will go wrong? I bet it will stop raining as soon as we enter the house." And it indeed did! Once in the house I ran to the bathroom to dry my hair and change my wet clothes and when I came out, Giullaume said: "You were right, it just stopped raining."



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