Azka from Pakistan and Alex from England

We are drowning under piles of work lately, but we also can't say NO to a nice couchsurfing request. And so we accepted a Pakistani girl and an English guy for a weekend.

Both, Azka and Alex, are currently studying in Budapest and they came to Slovenia just for a weekend - the last night they spent with us over a chat with cup of tea and some sandwiches.

BEST of their stay: both were very funny and open-minded, so we really enjoyed their company. It's hard to pick one particular thing out of a short stay, but let's say that the moment when Rok brought sandwiches to the table was one of the funniest for me, personally (Rok doesn't agree with me here :)). So he made one cheese sandwich (for me, since I'm a vegetarian - currently) and the other 3 sandwiches were with meat - Slovenian sausage. Luckily sandwiches were halved, so our guests could share that cheese sandwich - Alex is also a vegetarian and Azka doesn't eat pork, which was the main ingredient of the sausage. So, Rok was happy because he got to eat all 3 sausage sandwiches and a bit less happy about the fact that he failed in predicting peoples eating habits :) But anyways he made more cheese sandwiches and we were all satisfied.



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