Michal and Simona from Slovakia

Michal and Simona are a cute couple from our "twin" country Slovakia. They are both students in Bratislava and came to Ljubljana for a weekend - because it is closer than their hometowns in the other part of Slovakia :)

BEST of their stay: no doubt but we had the best laugh when we compared our languages. As you might know, Slovenian and Slovakian languages are both Slavic language, so there are quite some similarities, but there are also some differences! Like some words mean something in one language, but in the other they refer to something completely different. Few examples: OTROŠKI VRTEC means kindergarden in Slovenian, but slavery camp in Slovakian! 😆 another funny situation was, when we gave a pump to our guests to inflate a mattress to sleep on. And then I heard Simona saying: FUKAJ, fukaj! which means blow in Slovakian, but it is a f** word in Slovenian. 😊



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