New adventure is awaiting!

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YOLO, says my teenager sister 😊 which means: You only live once. We believe that we have only one life and we try to live it fully. Even though the circumstances are not the best in our lives currently we are staying loyal to our true love - traveling. So, where should we go next?

First condition was: somewhere warm! After our winter trip to Iceland we are desperate for some sun and warmth. Besides that we are looking for a budget destination, where we can be active, spend our time in the nature and enjoy some sea and snorkeling.

It seemed quite obvious that OMAN is the right destination for us. Peaceful country on Arabian peninsula with temperatures above 30°C in the past days seems like a dreamland :) And the country can boast with some really high mountains and kilometers of beaches. But typical for us - we don't want to be like all the other tourists, we want to do something special. So we decided to go climbing while in Oman. You may not know it, but we actually met at climbing group in high school and since then climbing has been part of our lives. However, so far we've never done it outside our home country of Slovenia, but you have to start one day, right? Let it be Oman to break the ice for our international climbing :)

Of course we won't be climbing all the time, we will make some breaks too and explore the country, like driving through the deserts, hiking in the wadis or swimming in the Indian ocean.

But that's not all! We will be flying with Turkish airlines and we planned our flights with long stopovers in Istanbul. This way we can also visit my dear friend, who lives there, and see the city on 2 continents - Istanbul.

We are super excited about the whole trip, slowly packing our camping and climbing gear ... New adventure is awaiting! 💙



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